Brøg Coffee Brewer

Our unique coffee brewer allows you to make a cup of coffee that even a barista would be satisfied with. Technically that is enabled due to the user’s control over the water temperature, bloom time and water, coffee/water ratio, and total brew time. The water is additionally distributed by our specially developed nozzle that ensures that the aromas are distributed evenly via the correct distribution of the water as well as the turbulence in the beans our diaphragm pump can deliver.

Intuitive interface

You control the brewer via our user-friendly interface which is programmed as such that you tweak all individual parameters or simply choose a preset and brew coffee as simple as possible. You thus both have the possibility to use professional barista’s recipes or experiment your way to your perfect cup of coffee.

Share your
brew recipe

Additionally, Brøg Coffee Brewer can be controlled with our app which allows you to control all the parameters and thereby start a brew without having to touch the brewer. This intelligent addition to Brøg Coffee Brewer will later evolve to a community platform where coffee lovers and enthusiasts can inspire each other to brew better coffee.

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No unnecessary waste

Brøg Coffee Brewer is the obvious alternative if you’re tired of expensive and polluting coffee pods or simply want to upgrade your current filter coffee machine. With Brøg Coffee Brewer you’ll get rid of all waste with the exception of the compostable coffee beans.

Form and function

BRØG Coffe Brewer is split into 4 functional parts in the following order from top to bottom: Water container, electronic compartment, funnel/filter, and legs. The division is clearly seen by the horizontal split lines.

Interior centerpiece

Besides its beauty, BRØG’s biggest advantage is that it is created as such that it is mobile. The Coffee Brewer can therefore be placed on the brunch table and brew coffee where it is drunk and between use it can be stored on a shelf and function as a decorative piece. The BRØG Coffee Brewer therefore invites to be the centerpiece at your coffee gatherings.